Welcome to Emily’s Catering


What We Do:

  • Catering:
    • We are primarily a full-service catering company servicing Nevada County and surrounding area. Providing the food, staff, set-up, break-down and helping with the rentals to simple pick-ups and drop-offs we can help with events of any size. These events are typically booking 6mo.-18mo. out but orders can be placed with 48hrs notice based on availability.
  • Special Order Bakery:
    • Cookies/Pies/Tarts/Turnovers/Danish/Biscuits – Available same day with advanced notice.
    • Cakes/Cupcakes – Available typically with 24-48hrs. notice, subject to availability
  • Pop-up Bakery:
    • Our Pop-up bakery is open around most of the major holidays. This event is a traditional retail bakery where our case and counters are full of hundreds of cupcakes, seasonal pies and pastries, along savory pastries, soups and salads. Pre-order is not required but highly recommended.
  • Cupcake Club:
    • Sign up for the cupcake club and each month get a different 6pk or 12pk of cupcakes. These include off menu seasonal cupcakes along with all your favorite deluxe flavors. You choose the size of your pack and the length of your membership with 3-month, 6-month and 1-year subscriptions available. No flavor repeated with the calendar year, that’s 72 different flavors each year!
  • First Friday Take out:
    • The first Friday of each month we offer a pre-order take out menu. This is a pre-order only event and orders must be placed by 3pm the Thursday prior to the event. These menus feature cupcakes, cookies, turnovers, tarts along with soups, salads a heat-and-eat dinner options.